A special message from Mote’s President & CEO

Stay well—our oceans need you

In this challenging time, we are most grateful for you—our friends near and far. Take care of yourselves and each other, and please join us in thanking the vital first responders to the COVID-19 pandemic for their hard work and big hearts.

As our friends, families and society fight this hard battle, our oceans continue to fight their own battle for survival. Each struggle is challenging and even frightening, but there is room in our hearts to overcome both.

That is why—even in the most challenging  times—our team at Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium keeps going, keeps fighting, and keeps applying their bright minds and big hearts to our critical mission, which includes developing innovations to fight the devastating impacts of red tide on our communities, working to bring coral reefs back from the brink of functional extinction, being on call 24/7 for stranded marine animals, and much more.

The demands on our team are ever-increasing, but with Mote Aquarium temporarily closed—resulting in significant lost revenue—our staff, our animals, and our mission depend more than ever on philanthropic support from generous people who have room in their hearts for the oceans.

Please be well.

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Who you’re helping… just to name a few:

Coral champions

As Florida’s Coral Reef faces its own life-threatening disease outbreak, Mote scientists are racing to find solutions through groundbreaking research on the disease and innovative, science-based coral reef restoration. Over the years, Mote has restored more than 76,000 corals to depleted reefs. Now, Mote scientists are growing more than 46,000 more coral colonies for research and restoration—including more than 1,600 genotypes (genetic varieties) to help give our restored reefs the best possible chances to thrive.

Wildlife heroes

Mote's animal rescuers are ready to take your call about a stranded marine mammal or sea turtle 24 hours a day, while Mote's animal hospital team is ready to provide round-the-clock critical care. These tough and caring professionals respond to sea turtles struck by boats, dolphins and manatees sickened by red tide, mysterious mass strandings of deep-water whales, and countless other cases. These challenging efforts require extensive training and scientific expertise paired with unstoppable dedication to marine wildlife.

Red tide revolutionaries

Florida red tide—a bloom of harmful algae native to the Gulf of Mexico—can cause devastating fish kills and wildlife mortalities while heavily impacting our economies and quality of life. Mote’s team of scientifi innovators are uncovering new hope for reducing Florida red tide impacts—not with a single magic bullet, but with an arsenal of technologies and compounds suited to a complex challenge.

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