Marine educator says: Science + you = impact

Did you know that young people have real power in their families’ environmental choices? Did you know that marine science education is within reach, even if you don’t live near the ocean or an aquarium? In this episode, Joe and Hayley discuss these topics and much more with Aly Busse, Assistant Vice President for Education at Mote. Busse’s childhood in rural New Jersey – “cow country” – might seem distant from her current job leading an ocean education team, but she was driven by her fascination for marine science and found a career translating science for the wider world. In today's connected world, more of us can be like Aly – putting scientific knowledge to good use for our oceans. Everyone can check out for Mote's Florida-based and digital learning programs. Teachers can check out upcoming professional development workshops here. For educational fun, play "Who Wants to Be A Sea Star?" on Mote's website. (Click the link and then scroll down for the game.)