Aquarium Fish & Invertebrate Program

Fish & Invertebrate Program interns must have an interest in all aspects of the husbandry of public aquarium exhibits. Interns will gain hands on experience and knowledge of what a daily, although not always typical, routine is of an Aquarium Biologist. Primary responsibilities include assisting with exhibit maintenance, assisting with exhibit projects and completing an independent project. Daily duties include cleaning exhibits, preparing food and feeding, testing water quality parameters, maintaining life support systems, behind the scenes housekeeping, making exhibit/animal observations and keeping accurate records. Applicants must be able to lift 50 pounds and be able to tolerate the flora, fauna and humidity of southwest Florida. Applicants should expect to spend the majority of the workday walking, standing, bending and lifting. This internship will involve climbing and working from ladders, as well as working with wet hands, feet, and clothes every day.

Coursework in biology, animal behavior and zoology is required. Experience or interest in animal enrichment is beneficial, although not required. Computer skills are helpful, as well as the willingness to work independently. This program deals primarily with teleosts, elasmobranchs and invertebrates. NOT sea turtles or marine mammals.

This internship can be completed in one of the following durations:

Full Time:

  • Minimum 10 week commitment
  • 40 hrs/week
  • Typical work hours are 8am-5pm, with a daily schedule of Sunday through Thursday, Monday through Friday or Tuesday through Saturday; additional hours may be required on occasion

Part Time:

  • approximately 25 week commitment throughout the fall and spring semesters
  • minimum 16 hrs/week
  • Typical work hours are 8am-5pm, with a weekly schedule to be determined based on program need and intern availability

*Note: Although preference is given to applications received by the deadline, the Aquarium Fish and Invertebrates program will review late applications submitted to their program.