The Library at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium has been providing resources, reference, and research for over 35 years to the laboratory and the global community. Its collection is maintained for the support of marine research and education.  Projects in the library encompass a variety of activities related to the provision of services to researchers and the processing of the laboratory’s special collections.  Internships are available on many different projects related to various areas of special librarianship.  Interns will be expected to establish personal goals and apply their work in the library to these individual objectives.  Multiple interns can work on each project.

Potential Projects

Library Digitization Project

This project involves assisting with creating a digital library.  The intern assigned to this project will receive an introduction to the history of library technology, the objectives of librarianship, and the philosophy of modern libraries. Activities within the project will include researching and implementing new technologies, assisting with digitization of library materials, streamlining workflows, and increasing accessibility to the collections. Interns involved in this project can work part of their hours from remote locations.

Mote Institutional Collection

This project involves archiving departmental collections from both the Mote Marine Laboratory and the Aquarium.  Items in the collections are related to the laboratory’s development, aquarium exhibits, and expansion of the facility and include devoted directors, pioneering researchers, and a giant squid.  Project activities involve basic processing, arrangement, and description of the materials; preservation activities; and increasing accessibility to the collections. As part of the project, pertinent items in the collection will be digitized and added to Mote’s electronic Institutional Repository.


Knowledge of the following is required for both internships:

  • Experience with Adobe Pro, Photoshop, and Microsoft Office
  • Excellent research and writing skills
  • High levels of responsibility and flexibility

Knowledge of the following is helpful:

  • Awareness of Dublin Core descriptive metadata
  • Awareness of current archival standards
  • Interest in special librarianship

Special Considerations

  • Internships will be unpaid.
  • Interns will be expected to work with an advisor if they wish to receive course credit.
  • Interns will be required to complete at-home assigned readings. 
  • Interns must work at least 120 hours.
  • Work times are flexible upon approval from the librarian. 

Contact Information

Alyson Gamble, Librarian,