Mote’s Communications internship serves as a member of the Community Relations & Communications department, which functions to promote Mote’s research, Aquarium, and public programs. This Communications internship position provides support for research programs, educational offerings, aquarium exhibits, special events, and fundraising efforts happening at Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. Duties within this arena will include social media content creation, PR & communications support, website management assistance & specific field work coverage. Relevant majors could include Sociology, Communications, Humanities, Nonprofit Management, Journalism, Public Relations, Social Media Management and Marketing. Junior or senior level college students or graduates preferred. Preferred candidates will have strong written and verbal communication skills and an ability to work independently in a fast-paced setting. Work hours are typically 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays. After-hours events and weekend events might be a part of your experience. This internship can be on a part-time schedule with prior approval from the program manager. Please let us know if this internship is for college credit.
What we hope you’re looking for in an internship:
-Opportunities to come up with new ideas and manage communications projects.
-Ability to gain real-word experience: you’ll get the chance to talk to news media, engage with
the public on social media, and more!
-Chance to grow your confidence in your communication skills.
-Work in support of a world-class marine research and conservation team. While we’re not
working directly with the animals we definitely are nearby, documenting their story.

Skills you’ll learn:
-Writing: grow your ability to write for the public through different writing styles on different platforms.
-Working on a team: Our Communications team is currently made up of 6 staff members. You’ll get to interact and work with each and every one of us! You’ll also interact with Mote’s research, fundraising, Aquarium, and education staff.
-Communications strategy development and management: Participate in multi-faceted communications efforts and develop your own campaign.
-Media relations: Learn how to coordinate an interview, and practice your interview skills yourself.
-Reporting metrics: The most necessary (but sometimes most boring) part of any job.
-Directly interacting with the public: Communicate with the public on behalf of Mote through outlets such as social media, PR efforts and networking opportunities.
-Social media content creation and management: Master the art of animal puns!
-Customer service and tourism industry knowledge: Learn more about our local markets and tourism trends.
What we’re looking for in an intern:
-Creativity! In our communications department, we encourage creative thinking and big ideas. Let your ideas soar!
-Trustworthy. We expect our interns to conduct themselves in a professional and appropriate manner on behalf of Mote.
-Confident. We want you to become professionally and personally confident in the work you accomplish.
-Independent worker. We’ll help you learn how to manage your own projects as we work towards a common goal.