USFSM-REU Mentoring Program, $18,924, “Interfacing flow-control and spectrophotometer components to a single-board embedded computer for enhancements to Mote’s HAB observatory” (PI, 2016)

Sarasota Bay Estuarine Program, $1,500, “Development of a low-cost Sarasota Bay oceanographic sensor network” (PI, 2016-2017)

National Academy of Sciences Gulf Research Program Early Career Fellowship, $75,000, “Linking iron fluxes to harmful algae in the Gulf of Mexico” (PI, 2016 - 2018)

NOAA-GCOOS, $200,000, “Maintenance and Enhancements to an Existing HAB Observatory” (PI, 2016 – 2021)

State of Florida, $825,854, “FWC/FWRI – Mote Cooperative Red Tide Program (Co-I, 2015 - 2016)

Private donation, $5,000, Support for Ocean Technology Outreach Workshop (2016)

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