Principle Investigator (Haskell) – GCOOS/NOAA ($681,835 ($136,367/yr); 2016-2020)
Maintenance and Enhancements to an Existing HAB Observatory to Improve Human and Ecosystem Health.

Co-Investigator (Haskell) - FWRI-Mote Cooperative Red Tide Monitoring and Research Program ($677,720 (135,544/yr); 2020-2025)

Principle Investigator (Haskell) – FWC-Mote Technology Development Initiative ($58,702/yr; 2019-2024) Automated in situ advanced sensing technology development for red tide mitigation and control.

Co-Investigator (Haskell) – FWC-Mote Technology Development Initiative ($44,259/yr; 2019-2024) Development and validation of new and existing technologies: Expanding PHySS’s role in mitigation of harmful algal blooms.

Principle Investigator (Haskell) – NSF-OCE Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (OCE-PRF 1521616; $173,440; 2015-2017) Broadening Participation: Internal wave-generated turbulent mixing and vertical nitrate flux during spring and neap tides along the Mid-Atlantic Bight shelf break.

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