Research Publications

2016. Rabouille, C.; Olu-Le Roy, K.; Baudin, F.; Khripounoff, A.; Dennielou, B.; Arnaud-Haon, S. Babobbeau, N.; Bayle, C.; Beckler, J.; Bessette, S.; Cathalot, C.; Droz, L.; Godfroy, A.; Hourdez, S.; Martinez, P. Michalopoulous, P.; Pozzato, L.; Pruski, A; Ragueneau, O.; Raimonet, M.; Stetten, E.; Taillefert, M.; Tisnerat-Laborde, N.; Toffin, L. The Congolobe project, a multidisciplinary study of Congo deep-sea fan lobe complex: Overview of methods, strategies, observations, and sampling. Deep Sea Research II, Available online 17 May 2016.

2016. Beckler, J.S.; Rabouille, C.; Stewart, F.J.; Taillefert, M. Importance of microbial iron reduction in deep sediments of river dominated continental margins. Marine Chemistry 178, 22-34.

2015. Beckler, J.S.; Jones, M.E.; Taillefert, M. The origin, composition, and reactivity of dissolved iron(III) complexes in coastal organic- and iron-rich sediments.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 152, 72.

2014. Beckler, J.S.; Nuzzio, D.; Taillefert, M. Development of single-step liquid chromatography methods with UV detection for the measurement of major anions in marine waters. Limnology and Oceanography Methods 12, 563.

2011. Jones, ME; Beckler, J.S.; Taillefert, M. The flux of soluble organic-iron(III) complexes from sediments represents a source of stable iron(III) to estuarine waters and to the continental shelf.  Limnology and Oceanography 56, 1811.

2007. Taillefert, M; Beckler, J.S.; Carey, E.; Burns, J.L.; Fennessey, C.M.; DiChristina, T.J. Shewanella putrefaciens produces an Fe(III)-solubilizing organic ligand during anaerobic respiration on insoluble Fe(III) oxides.  Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 101, 1760.

In review / revision:

Taillefert, M.; Beckler, J.S. Cathalot, C.; Michalopoulos, P.; Corvaisier, R.; Caprais, J.C.; Brandily, C.; Olu, K.; Rabouille, C.; Iron-sulfur coupling in deep-sea fans dominated by massive terrigenous deposits. Deep Sea Research II, In Review.

Kiriazis, N.; Beckler, J.S.; Cathalot, C.; Corvaisier, R.; Michalopoulos, P.; Rabouille, C.; Taillefert, M., Evidence For Iron-Dependent Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation To Nitrate (Feammox) In Deep-Sea Sediments. In Review.

Taillefert, M.; Beckler, J.S; Meiggs, D.; Nuzzio, D.B. New restored Benthic Experimental Chamber Instrument (BECI) to quantify simultaneously benthic fluxes and depth profiles of the main redox species  involved in diagenetic processes in situ. In Review.

In prep:

Beckler, J.S.; Caplan, N.; Dixon, L.K. Development of a HPLC-UV technique for in situ measurement of brevetoxin.

Beckler, J.S.; Milbrandt, E.; Kirkpatrick, G.; Dixon, L.K. Long-term, in situ measurements of CDOM spectral-absorption and fluorescence in estuarine and coastal environments.

Beckler, J.S.; DiChristina, J.; Taillefert, M. Effects of low concentrations of arsenic on dissimilatory iron reduction by Shewanella oneidensis.

Technical reports:

2015. Dixon, L.K. and Beckler, J.S. GCOOS Project Progress Report: Continued Development of the Gulf Of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System: a Local HAB observatory for Public Health Protection. Mote Marine Laboratory Technical Report, No. 1887.

2015. Lovko, V.; Bartels, E.; Beckler, J.S.; Dixon, L.K.; Henry, M.; Kirkpatrick, B.; Kirkpatrick, G.; Nissank, A.; Pierce, R.H. FWC/FWRI – Mote cooperative red tide program: reduction of harmful impacts from Florida red tide. Mote Marine Laboratory Technical Report, No. 1894. 

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