Current Projects

  • Studies of whale shark behavior, ecology and ecotourism in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.
  • Satellite and conventional tagging studies of shark abundance, distribution and migration in the NW Atlantic, including studies of bull sharks, great hammerheads and white sharks.
  • Relative abundance surveys of blacktip sharks in SW Florida nursery areas.
  • Studies of post-release survival and behavior of sharks in recreational and commercial fisheries.
  • Research and conservation of spotted eagle rays in the US, Mexico and Cuba.
  • Shark biology, fisheries assessment and resolution of fishing-tourism conflicts in Cuba and Mexico.
  • Development of multinational approaches to shark fisheries management and conservation.
  • Connecting science to the recreational fishing community to improve shark conservation.
  • Science-based linkages to public policy and application of science diplomacy in international issues and relations.

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