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Dr. Whitney Greene



Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans


Dr. Greene grew up between the coast of Massachusetts and a farm in the white mountains of New Hampshire. After completing her undergraduate degree at Connecticut College, she completed a Master’s in Comparative Immunology at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth focused on teleost immunology. She completed her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine in Southern California in 2016 with a focus on zoo and aquatic medicine. Dr. Greene has special interests in animal nutrition, behavior, integrative medicine modalities, animal welfare, and rescue and rehabilitation. In addition, she has a strong interest in both teaching and research.


DVM, Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine

M.S. in Comparative Immunology, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

B.A. in Biology, Connecticut College

Additional Publications

Greene, W., Mikota, S., Pitcairn, J., and M. Ryer. (2018). Clinical management of a complete gastrointestinal obstruction and ileus in a geriatric female Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus). Journal of Zoo Biology. 2:1 (in press)

Greene, W., Brookshire, G., and Z.J. Delaune. (2018). Hematologic and biochemical reference ranges in aquarium-housed spotted eagle rays (Aetobatus narinari). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine.

Greene, W., Dierenfeld, E.S., and S. Mikota. (2018). A review of Asian and African elephant anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research. (under review)

E. Bromage., Ramirez-Gomez., Greene, W., Rego, K., Hansen, J., Boardman, T., and D. Dupras. (2012). Secretory IgD has an evolutionarily conserved role in respiratory mucosal defense. The Journal of Immunology. 188:160.18

Ramirez-Gomez, F., Greene, W., Rego, K., Hansen, J.D., Costa, G., Kataria, P., and E.S. Bromage. (2012). Discovery and characterization of secretory IgD in Rainbow trout: secretory IgD is produced through a novel splicing mechanism. The Journal of Immunology. December 28, 2011

Greene, W., Melillo-Sweeting, K., and K. Dudzinski. (2011). Comparing object play in captive and wild dolphins. International Journal of Comparative Psychology. 24:292-306