Ocean Acidification

Lindsay Arick

Lindsay Arick

Staff Chemist

Lindsay is the Staff Chemist in the Ocean Acidification Program and is stationed down in the Florida Keys at Mote's IC2R3 facility. She manages the OA and dry chemistry labs and the daily operations of OAFTERU, one of Mote's ocean acidification and climate change experimental systems, under the guidance of Dr. Emily Hall. Within OAFTERU, she and Dr. Hall investigate the effects of increased ocean temperature and acidification on marine organism physiology, growth, and survival. She also helps facilitate the research of visiting scientists who conduct work within the system.

She first joined Mote Marine Laboratory as an intern in the Coral Health and Disease Program, during which time she genotyped Mote's off-shore staghorn coral nursery and aided in several other coral genotyping projects. She also spent time as an intern in the Coral Restoration Program. During her undergraduate career, she studied the evolutionary relationship between five different subspecies of water snakes (Nerodia) and investigated the population structure of black racers (Coluber constrictor) throughout Florida and the Keys.


B.S. in Biology, University of Central Florida, 2015