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Barbara Lausche

Barbara Lausche

Director, MPI

Barbara Lausche, J.D., is an environmental lawyer with some 30 years of experience with governmental and non-governmental organizations in the US and abroad. Her work has concentrated on conservation aspects of environmental law including international law and, since 2000, her focus has been mainly on marine and coastal issues. Lausche has worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on oceans and water issues, the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment in renewable resources, and some 10 years as environmental lawyer and senior environmental specialist with the World Bank. She is on the Board of the Island Resources Foundation and co-founded the Science and Environmental Council of Sarasota County where she was its honorary Executive Director for five years.


Juris Doctor (J.D.), Columbus School of Law, Catholic University, Washington, D.C., B.A. in Math and Russian, Minnesota State Univ., Bemidji, Minn. Vsiting fellowship, Colorado Law School, Boulder, Colorado., and Oxford University in the UK.


  • Online Course on Protected Areas Law.  2017. (Part of Conservation Training Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA) managed by UNDP/CBD.  Consists of two modules: l) introduction to protected areas law, 2) special legal issues related to marine protected areas, transboundary areas, and connectivity conservation.)  UNDP: New York, USA.  (Accessible through


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Awards & Honors

Lausche is an invited member of the World Commission on Environmental Law (WCEL), and World Commission of Protected Areas, of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Caribbean co-chair of IUCN WCEL Specialists Group on Oceans, Coasts and Coral Reefs.