Fisheries Ecology & Enhancement

Christine Voss

Christine Voss

Dr. Voss is committed to producing scientific knowledge that will inform and enhance environmental and natural resource management. She recognizes that appreciation of ecological relationships can be used to protect natural and social capital by sustaining ecosystem services. For her, this includes understanding how coastal habitats benefit fish, wildlife, and people who live along the coast. Chris research includes examining how sea-level rise affects coastal habitats, using GIS in spatially explicit studies to determine how to avoid or minimize conflicts between renewable energy development and both wildlife and existing human uses of the Outer Continental Shelf, and as an ecosystems ecologist, using trophic modeling to develop an understanding of how food-web interactions and habitat alteration generate important direct and indirect effects in estuarine and marine ecosystems.


2009 - Ph.D. in Coastal Resources Management, East Carolina University 2005 - M.S. in Environmental and Organismic Biology, East Carolina University 2002 - B.S. in Biology, East Carolina University 1980 - A.S. Veterinary Technician, Harcum College


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