Ocean Technology Research

Dr. Jordon Beckler

Dr. Jordon Beckler

Program Manager

Jordon joined the Mote Ocean Technology group in February of 2015. He earned a Ph.D. in chemical oceanography with a minor in inorganic chemistry at Georgia Tech, where he researched the redox cycling of metals and sulfur using in situ electrochemical analyzers and HPLCs during his dissertation research. He has extensive field experience on oceanographic research cruises and has had the opportunity to explore hydrothermal vents and other deep-sea environments with DSV ALVIN and other ROVs.

At Mote, Jordon manages the SO-COOL Harmful Algae Bloom monitoring network of optical phytoplankton detectors and coordinates deployments of Slocum gliders around the Gulf of Mexico. He also brings some exciting new projects to the Ocean Technology program: 1) developing techniques to use in situ HPLCs to measure red tide toxins 2) evaluating the potential for iron flux from sediments to initiate red tide blooms on the West Florida Shelf. In his free time he enjoys surfing, fishing, and exploring the oceans with his home-built ROV.


Ph.D. Chemical Oceanography, Georgia Tech

B.S., Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Tech


2016. Rabouille, C.; Olu-Le Roy, K.; Baudin, F.; Khripounoff, A.; Dennielou, B.; Arnaud-Haon, S. Babobbeau, N.; Bayle, C.; Beckler, J.; Bessette, S.; Cathalot, C.; Droz, L.; Godfroy, A.; Hourdez, S.; Martinez, P. Michalopoulous, P.; Pozzato, L.; Pruski, A; Ragueneau, O.; Raimonet, M.; Stetten, E.; Taillefert, M.; Tisnerat-Laborde, N.; Toffin, L. The Congolobe project, a multidisciplinary study of Congo deep-sea fan lobe complex: Overview of methods, strategies, observations, and sampling. Deep Sea Research II, Available online 17 May 2016.

2016. Beckler, J.S.; Rabouille, C.; Stewart, F.J.; Taillefert, M. Importance of microbial iron reduction in deep sediments of river dominated continental margins. Marine Chemistry 178, 22-34.

2015. Beckler, J.S.; Jones, M.E.; Taillefert, M. The origin, composition, and reactivity of dissolved iron(III) complexes in coastal organic- and iron-rich sediments.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 152, 72.

2014. Beckler, J.S.; Nuzzio, D.; Taillefert, M. Development of single-step liquid chromatography methods with UV detection for the measurement of major anions in marine waters. Limnology and Oceanography Methods 12, 563.

2011. Jones, ME; Beckler, J.S.; Taillefert, M. The flux of soluble organic-iron(III) complexes from sediments represents a source of stable iron(III) to estuarine waters and to the continental shelf.  Limnology and Oceanography 56, 1811.

2007. Taillefert, M; Beckler, J.S.; Carey, E.; Burns, J.L.; Fennessey, C.M.; DiChristina, T.J. Shewanella putrefaciens produces an Fe(III)-solubilizing organic ligand during anaerobic respiration on insoluble Fe(III) oxides.  Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 101, 1760.

In review / revision:

Taillefert, M.; Beckler, J.S. Cathalot, C.; Michalopoulos, P.; Corvaisier, R.; Caprais, J.C.; Brandily, C.; Olu, K.; Rabouille, C.; Iron-sulfur coupling in deep-sea fans dominated by massive terrigenous deposits. Deep Sea Research II, In Review.

Kiriazis, N.; Beckler, J.S.; Cathalot, C.; Corvaisier, R.; Michalopoulos, P.; Rabouille, C.; Taillefert, M., Evidence For Iron-Dependent Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation To Nitrate (Feammox) In Deep-Sea Sediments. In Review.

Taillefert, M.; Beckler, J.S; Meiggs, D.; Nuzzio, D.B. New restored Benthic Experimental Chamber Instrument (BECI) to quantify simultaneously benthic fluxes and depth profiles of the main redox species  involved in diagenetic processes in situ. In Review.

In prep:

Beckler, J.S.; Caplan, N.; Dixon, L.K. Development of a HPLC-UV technique for in situ measurement of brevetoxin.

Beckler, J.S.; Milbrandt, E.; Kirkpatrick, G.; Dixon, L.K. Long-term, in situ measurements of CDOM spectral-absorption and fluorescence in estuarine and coastal environments.

Beckler, J.S.; DiChristina, J.; Taillefert, M. Effects of low concentrations of arsenic on dissimilatory iron reduction by Shewanella oneidensis.

Technical reports:

2015. Dixon, L.K. and Beckler, J.S. GCOOS Project Progress Report: Continued Development of the Gulf Of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System: a Local HAB observatory for Public Health Protection. Mote Marine Laboratory Technical Report, No. 1887.

2015. Lovko, V.; Bartels, E.; Beckler, J.S.; Dixon, L.K.; Henry, M.; Kirkpatrick, B.; Kirkpatrick, G.; Nissank, A.; Pierce, R.H. FWC/FWRI – Mote cooperative red tide program: reduction of harmful impacts from Florida red tide. Mote Marine Laboratory Technical Report, No. 1894.  

Awards & Honors


National Academy of Sciences Early Career Fellowship                                                                   2016

Travel Grant, 8th Symposium on Harmul Algae in the U.S                                                               2015

Teledyne Webb Slocum Glider Certified Pilot, Bermuda                                                                   2015

Best student pres., ACS: “Biogeochemical Transformations of Transition Elements” session        2013

Graduate Student Travel Award                                                                                                        2012

John Bradshaw award (for expertise in a variety of analytical techniques, Georgia Tech)               2008

Undergraduate Research Travel Award                                                                                            2006


USFSM-REU Mentoring Program, $18,924, “Interfacing flow-control and spectrophotometer components to a single-board embedded computer for enhancements to Mote’s HAB observatory” (PI, 2016)

Sarasota Bay Estuarine Program, $1,500, “Development of a low-cost Sarasota Bay oceanographic sensor network” (PI, 2016-2017)

National Academy of Sciences Gulf Research Program Early Career Fellowship, $75,000, “Linking iron fluxes to harmful algae in the Gulf of Mexico” (PI, 2016 - 2018)

NOAA-GCOOS, $200,000, “Maintenance and Enhancements to an Existing HAB Observatory” (PI, 2016 – 2021)

State of Florida, $825,854, “FWC/FWRI – Mote Cooperative Red Tide Program (Co-I, 2015 - 2016)

Private donation, $5,000, Support for Ocean Technology Outreach Workshop (2016)

Professional Societies:

American Chemical Society                                                                                      2012-present

Association of Limnology and Oceanography                                                          2013-present