Manatee Research

Dr. Nicola Erdsack

Dr. Nicola Erdsack

International Postdoctoral Scientist

After studying information sciences and 9 years of employment in IT I began studying biology in 2004. Having finished the basic studies in 2006 I started studying Marine biology at the Baltic Sea, Germany. I'd been working on thermal biology in pinnipeds since my Diploma thesis in 2008. That included the training and husbandry of up to 12 harbor seals, South African fur seals and California sea lions. After investigating these mostly cold adapted species I switched my focus to thermoregulation of the warm adapted manatees, in particular the cold stress syndrome. This study is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


PhD in Zoology, Diploma in Biology with Major in Marine Biology, Diploma in Librarian Sciences with Major in Information Sciences


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