Help us match this $100,000 challenge donation!

Mote Marine Laboratory has announced that an anonymous challenge donation of $100,000 has been made to support Mote scientists’ efforts to expand their red tide-related research and outreach efforts in Boca Grande.
The donors have challenged the southwest Florida community to match and exceed this philanthropic investment to support Mote’s efforts to address harmful algal bloom impacts in Boca Grande.
This southwest Florida region is known for its beautiful beaches and coastal culture, fisheries and other ecologically and economically important marine resources. However, harmful algal blooms (HABs) – such as Florida red tides caused by Karenia brevis algae – can deter tourists, kill fish, close shellfish harvest areas and cause beachgoers to cough and sneeze due to airborne toxins.
So far, there is no tried-and-true way to combat some of the most challenging HABs without risk to the Gulf’s sensitive ecosystems. However, Mote and partners have led innovative HAB research for decades, and this new challenge donation will help Mote expand its innovative approaches and technologies to address the critical need for HAB prevention, control and mitigation.
Specifically, the new challenge donation will support:

  • Expansion of local community outreach and engagement to benefit those affected by HABs;
  • Advanced technology such as citizen science apps for mobile devices and field sensors for HAB forecasting support;
  • Improved rapid response strategies for mitigation of HAB impacts on public and ecological health and economics; and
  • Innovative strategies and technologies for HAB control.

Help us match this $100,000 challenge donation by the end of March 2018!  Donate below!

To learn more about the exciting, ongoing projects that stand to benefit from new support in the Boca Grande region click here.  For questions or more information, please call Mote’s Development Department, (941) 388-4441 ext. 309.  Thank you for your support!