Protecting Our Reefs

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Florida drivers who purchase a Protect Our Reefs license plate for the first time after June 1, 2012, are eligible for a free gift and discount package worth up to $225 through this special offer. 

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Enjoy a Libation and Protect Our Reefs: Bombora and Cooranbong Vodkas Partner with Mote to Restore and Protect Coral Reefs
G’Day Imports, LLC, importers of Bombora and CooranBong Australian vodkas, is partnering with Mote Marine Laboratory and the “Protect Our Reefs” program, and is donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of its vodkas in the Florida to Mote to help preserve and protect our oceans.

G’Day selected Mote Marine Laboratory as the beneficiary of its donation because of Mote’s worldwide recognition as a leader in world-class research relevant to global marine conservation and sustainable use of healthy ocean habitats and natural resources. G’Day has pledged to donate 50 cents of every Bombora bottle and $1 of every Cooranbong bottle sold in Florida to support ongoing research, protection and restoration of coral reefs and our oceans.

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Florida has the only barrier coral reef system in the continental U.S. It's like having the Grand Canyon underwater — a natural treasure that took millions of years to create and deserves our protection.

Sadly, corals are in decline worldwide. But research can help us understand why and what to do about it. Education and conservation efforts can help reduce human impact on these precious resources.

If you're a Florida driver, you can help make research, education and conservation happen by purchasing a Protect Our Reefs specialty license tag for your car or boat trailer. Drive the plate that helps fund research, education and conservation and you'll be helping preserve Florida's unique underwater beauty.


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Mote Marine Laboratory has been a leader in marine research since it was founded in 1955. Today, we incorporate public outreach as a key part of our mission. Mote is an independent nonprofit organization and has seven centers for marine research, the public Mote Aquarium and an Education Division specializing in public programs for all ages.

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