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Marine science education for all ages

Students visit Mote in the Florida Keys - credit Conor Goulding/Mote Marine LaboratoryWe believe conservation begins with education, and the sooner we can educate each other, the better off our oceans and our lives will be. With our education programs, you can dive in and get your feet wet and your hearts inspired. Mote Marine Laboratory's Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration (IC2R3) offers residential programs for visting groups as well as school programs.

Research-based After-School Program for Students (RAPS)

The Research-based After-School Program for Students (RAPS) offers high school students the exciting opportunity to take part in hands-on marine research and conservation work focused on coral reef ecology and health. Program participants have the unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field of marine science while carrying out their own research projects focused on coral reefs of the Florida Keys. Participants take part in bi-monthly meetings to learn about key topics in the study of corals, and work alongside Mote scientists and educators, in the field and lab, to develop their own research questions and experiments. They also collaborate with their peers to share their findings with the public in an effort to educate their community on the importance of coral reef conservation.

This program is designed to provide authentic research-based opportunities for high school students and is perfect for students who are interested in marine science, passionate about ocean conservation, and ready to take part in research. Participants commit approximately eight hours a month to RAPS during the school year, including participation in bi-monthly meetings. Additional service and/or field research components occur throughout this program time period.

Current high school students in Key West and surrounding areas are eligible to participate. We are now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year program. Please complete the application below by Sept. 30, 2019.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number 1452538. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in  this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect  the views of the National Science Foundation.

Apply for the 2019-2020 RAPS

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  • Program takes place September 2019 through May 2020.
  • Meeting locations will vary between multiple sites in Key West and Mote’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research & Restoration at 24244 Overseas Highway, Summerland Key.
  • Participation is FREE.