Become a Mote Change Maker and Make a Transformative Difference!

Our marine environment needs all of us to work together to support a future in which science, conservation and education outpace the multitude of challenges facing oceans around the world.

With your support, Mote scientists:

  • Work to restore ocean ecosystems, including coral reefs and seagrass beds.
  • Test technologies and solutions to mitigate the impacts of severe red tide and other harmful algal blooms, employing environmentally-acceptable strategies.
  • Study naturally occurring bacteria in the marine environment that may provide new solutions to the persistent and growing problem of antibiotic resistance in humans.
  • Advance aquaculture techniques to create cell-based seafood to help feed the world.
  • Respond to calls to help sick and injured marine animals.
  • Translate and transfer science through education programs for all ages.

A History of Change Makers

Dr. Eugenie Clark with William R. Mote.

In 1955, a young scientist named Dr. Eugenie Clark received financial backing, the use of a small building and a boat on Anne and William Vanderbilt’s property in Cape Haze. In the years that followed, William R. Mote used his business acumen and philanthropic support to grow and expand Dr. Clark’s research and reach.

These change makers forged partnerships and shared a passion for marine science; together they planted the seed for what would become the scientific powerhouse known today as Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium. Today, Mote is an independent, nonprofit, leader of ocean research and science education, with more than 29 diverse research programs and growing to meet our worlds changing needs.

Throughout Mote’s history, visionary philanthropists have catalyzed game changing research and exploration. You can play a vital part in supporting bold initiatives and novel discoveries by becoming a Mote Change Maker. Join us and let’s work together to address the mounting challenges facing our oceans.

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