Patient Updates

10/31/2023 Turtle was found floating 3 miles offshore from Venice Fishing Pier. Upon arrival at Mote, exam findings reveal a larger amount of epibiota present indicating turtle may have not been swimming much for some time. Blood work shows signs of anemia and low blood glucose. Clarice was given fluids with dextrose and an antibiotic injection. Likely exhibiting signs of debilitated turtle syndrome/lethargic loggerhead. Turtle is in a rehab. pool in very shallow water until more active. She immediately foraged capelin and squid when offered.

11/04/2023  Clarice is still lethargic, but is able to maneuver well in the water so tank depth was raised a couple inches. She continues to eat all sea food offered, so her diet is being slowly increased daily. She has defecated a few times and there are tiny sea urching spines/bodies present.

11/11/2023  Clarice is eagerly eating all seafood offered. She was switched from an injectable antibiotic to an oral antibiotic since she’s eating well. Still receiving an iron injection once a week to help with anemia. Tank depth has been increased to half full since she is more active.

11/18/2023 Clarice’s tank is now at full depth because she has been spending more time swimming.

12/30/2023  Clarice continues to eat well and slowly gain weight. She is still on an oral antibiotic daily and weekly iron injections. She has been de-wormed with 2 different anti-parasitics to treat potential cause of lethargic loggerhead syndrome now that she is stronger and healthier.

01/13/2024  Blood work is improving so antibiotics and iron injections have been discontinued. 

02/02/2024  Clarice continues to eat well and gain weight. Fecal cytology showed an increase in abnormal bacteria, so turtle is now receiving an oral antibiotic daily.

02/24/2024  Clarice’s blood work is improving and she is now in good body condition.  

03/18/2024  Clarice was released at Lido Beach!