President & CEO Dr. Michael P. Crosby has more than 30 years of multi-disciplinary research, teaching, science management and leadership experience, including positions at numerous universities, national and international science and resource-management agencies, programs and committees. Often his work has focused on improving the synthesis, translation and transfer of science and technical information among researchers, policymakers and stakeholders.

As a nonprofit organization, we also rely on the support and expertise of members of our community who serve as volunteers on our Board of Trustees and our advisory councils.

Board of Trustees | President’s Advisory Council | Florida Keys Advisory Council

Board of Trustees



Trustee Emeritus

Honorary Trustees

  • William S. Galvano, Esq.
  • The Hon. Andy Ireland
  • Elaine Keating
  • J. Robert Long
  • Jean Martin

President’s Advisory Council

  • Michael Belle, Esq.
  • Kimberly Bleach
  • Carol Bowen
  • Julianna Burns
  • Chad Ciaravella
  • Brandy Coffey
  • Doug Elmore
  • Shirley Fein
  • Joan Galvin
  • Tina Gelmisi
  • Nicholas Gladding
  • Bradley Goddard
  • Douglas Grosso
  • Edward Hamilton
  • Paul Hudson
  • Tyler Hyslop
  • Joel Johnson
  • Lynn Kukanza
  • Brian Mariash
  • Jan Miller
  • Arthur Reilly
  • Matt Seider
  • Charles Shugg
  • Jeffrey Steinsnyder
  • Travis Taaffe
  • Norman Vaughan-Birch

Florida Keys Advisory Council

  • Peter Rosasco, Chair
  • Ron Burd
  • Peter Horton
  • George Garrett
  • Commissioner Holly Merrill Raschein
  • Jill Miranda Baker
  • Michael Puto
  • Margie Smith