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Education at Mote

Our Education Programs

Get ready to explore the ocean through the lens of a Mote scientist! No matter your age or location, you'll find fun, fascination and career inspiration through Mote's informal science education programs.

Today's Research for Tomorrow's Oceans

Dive into the world of marine science through field trips, tours, camps, day programs and other STEM-sational adventures for all ages at our campuses in Sarasota and the Florida Keys.

We bring the ocean to you through school programs, speakers and event outreach, along with community partnerships to engage those underrepresented in marine science.

Mote does research worldwide, and we share it worldwide too! Join us by interactive videoconference for pre-K through 12th-grade science sessions, storytelling, teacher training, and lifelong learning courses and Scout programs.

“My son Jack and I had a great time in the Mommy & Me at Mote program—we got our hands dirty and our feet wet. Best of all, it gave Jack a fun way to start learning about our oceans and how important they are.”

Julie Bowman
Mommy & Me participant