Podcast: She studies sea turtles on the seashore…

The beaches we visit during the day become turtle turf at night. Thousands of loggerhead sea turtles and smaller numbers of other species lay nests with 100-ish eggs apiece during southwest Florida’s yearly nesting season, May 1-Oct. 31. Melissa Bernhard, Senior Biologist with Mote’s Sea Turtle Conservation & Research Program — a friend to reptiles everywhere — leads local sea turtle conservation efforts with hundreds of trained volunteers who love searching for turtle crawls (tracks) at the crack of dawn. In this episode, Melissa tells Hayley and Joe what she’s learned and done through Mote’s state-permitted efforts, including night-time turtle tagging!


Mote to host professional development workshop for teachers

On February 17 and 24, Mote’s education staff will be hosting professional development workshops as a part of a series for southwest Florida middle and high school teachers. This month’s sessions will highlight Florida coastal reptiles and human impacts and citizen science.

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Eight endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles released

On Feb. 1, Mote Marine Laboratory released eight Kemp’s ridley sea turtles from Mote’s Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital. These turtles, plus a ninth Kemp’s and one green sea turtle still at Mote, came to Florida on Dec. 8 as part of a team effort to rehabilitate 46 cold-stunned turtles initially brought to the New England Aquarium (NEAQ) in Quincy, Massachusetts.

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Mote’s manatees predict different teams to win Super Bowl LII

Thursday, Feb. 1, Mote Aquarium's resident manatees, Hugh and Buffett, predicted the winner of the Super Bowl for the 11th year in a row. So, who will win the big game? Well, it depends on who you ask. Buffett, who has the better record, chose the Philadelphia Eagles, while Hugh chose the New England Patriots.  

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