Patient Updates

06/27/2023  Turtle was found washing ashore off Manasota Key Road, Englewood. Animal is showing signs of possible red tide toxcitiy even though there’s only low levels present in the Gulf at this time. She had blood work done and was given subcutaneous fluids, IV lipid emulsion therapy, and lasix due to gurgling sounds when she breaths. Due to lethargy, she is dry-docked overnight.

06/28/2023  Freyja passed her swim test today and is in a rehab. pool in very shallow water. She continues to receive subcutaneous fluids daily.

06/29/2023  Freyja foraged her full diet of shrimp and squid immediately.

07/01/2023  Freyja is now on oral antibiotics due to an elevated white blood cell count. She continues to eat well. The depth of her tank was raised a couple inches now that she is slightly more active.

07/07/2023 Freyja is very active and spends much of the day swimming. Her tank depth was raised to full. She continues to forage all prey items offered.

07/15/2023  Freya is doing well. She continues to eat voraciously and spends most of her time swimming. She was given a dewormer to combat a potential parasite burden.

07/22/2023  Freyja continues to eat well and spends much of the day swimming. She is still receiving oral antibiotics at least until her next scheduled blood work.

08/10/2023  Freyja’s diet was slowly increased so she can gain weight. She has started to be a little bit picky at times and will sometimes leave fish during some feeds. She is still receiving oral antibiotics due to a continuing elevation in her white blood cell count.

09/02/2023  Freyja’s blood values have improved, so antibiotics have been discontinued.  

09/08/2023  Frigg and Freyja were released at Lido Beach today!