Patient Updates

07/11/2023  Turtle was found floating offshore from Casey Key Road in Osprey. Turtle was very lethargic and minimally responsive so will be dry-docked overnight. Had blood work done and was given subcutaneous fluids.

07/12/2023 Frigg passed her swim test this morning and is now in very shallow water. Ate a squid and shrimp today.

0715/2023 Frigg is very active and swimming normally, so her tank depth was raised to half full. She defecated overnight and there were crushed shells present, indicating she had been recently eating. Slowly increasing the amount of food offered daily. She is not currently foraging, but will eat from feeding tongs if coaxed.

07/22/2023 Frigg is now foraging her full diet daily. Her tank depth was raised to full.  

08/10/2023  Frigg continues to do well. Her diet is being increased in hopes of her gaining weight. She is eating consistently. She was given a de-wormer due to an elevation in eosinophils, which can indicate a potential parasite burden.  

09/02/2023 Frigg continues to gain weight. Blood values are trending normal.

09/08/2023 Frigg and Freyja were released at Lido Beach today!