Patient Updates

03/05/2023  Turtle was found floating just south of the Cortez Bridge in Manatee County. Animal was transported to Mote for assesment and rehabilitation. Animal is exhibiting signs of likely red tide toxicity and possible lethargic loggerhead syndrome. Hazelnut was given subcutaneous fluids and injectable antibiotics and was dry-docked overnight due to lethargy and neurologic issues. 

03/06/2023 Hazelnut was moved to a rehab. pool in very shallow water. Turtle is still showing signs of lethargy and red tide toxicity, but did some eat squid when offered.

03/10/2023 Hazelnut is eating well and is more alert. Water level is still shallow until turtle is more active.

03/22/2023  Hazelnut’s tank depth was increased a couple inches. Turtle continues to eat all seafood offered and is still on an antibiotic injection every couple days and an iron injection once weekly until blood work improves.

04/05/2023 White blood cell count has improved, so turtle is no longer being given antibiotics. Turtle is still quite anemic, so is receiving weekly iron injections. Hazelnut has already gained 7.5 lbs. since stranding, but is still considered extremely underweight.  

04/21/2023 Hazelnut continues to forage full diet offered daily. Was administered Panacur anti-parasitic two weeks apart in case parasites are contibuting to anemia. Turtle is much more active and spends much of the day swimming, so tank depth was raised to full.  

05/04/2023 Hazelnut is eating great but is still very underweight. Considers to receive weekly iron injections until anemia is improved.

05/20/2023  Hazelnut’s blood parameters are continuing to improve. He still needs to gain some weight, but is eagerly eating his full diet daily.  

06/24/2023 Hazelnut continues to do well and eats well daily. He is still extremely underweight, but has gained 27 lbs since being admitted into rehab. 

07/15/2023 Hazelnut continues to eat well and is steadily gaining weight. He is now on an anti-parasitic medication.

07/29/2023  Hazelnut’s blood parameters have improved and he is now off all medications.

08/11/2023  Palmer and Hazelnut were released at Lido Beach today!