Patient Updates

Turtle was seen by a fisherman entangled in fishing gear. It was captured, disentangled, and brought to the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital for hook removal and treatment. Two hooks were removed from the mouth and throat and the turtle was started on antibiotics. 10/12 Turtle is in deep water and swimming very well. Showing some interest in food, but not yet eating. 10/17 Started eating yesterday. Doing very well. 10/25 Eating fairly well, but not yet gaining weight. Doing well otherwise. 11/2 Turtle is now gaining weight and eating very well. 11/11Continuing to do very well. 11/18 Turtle continues to gain weight and eat well. 12/1 Turtle is doing very well and may be getting close to being ready for release. 12/9 Turtle is ready for release, but red tides extends along almost the entire west coast of Florida. 12/16 Continuing to do very well. 12/20 Due to red tide subsiding, we have applied for permission to release this turtle later this week. 12/28 Turtle was released this morning off the causeway in Placida, Florida into Charlotte Harbor. Turtle swam away very vigorously.