Patient Updates

05/27/2024 Turtle was found floating in Blackburn Bay, Sarasota County. Upon arrival at Mote, exam findings indicate turtle is missing part of left, front flipper possibly due to an interaction with a shark based on appearance of wound. Blood work indicates turtle is anemic. Was given subcutaneous fluids and injectable antibiotics. Turtle is now in a shallow rehab. tank.
05/29/2024 Turtle is still in shallow water due to lethargy and buoyancy issues. “Lil Dougie” is being offered small amounts of seafood and is eating everything offered.
06/07/2024 Lil Dougie is still being kept in shallow water due to buoyancy issues. Turtle is eagerly eating all shrimp, capelin, and squid offered! Continuing medical treatments include weekly iron injections due to anemia, injectable antibiotics every 3 days, and a de-wormer.