Patient Updates

03/30/2023  Turtle was found floating on the south end of Naples Bay, east of Cutlass Lane in Naples, Collier County.  Turtle was transported to Mote was started on injectable antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids until red tide toxicty symptoms improve. Turtle is still extremely lethargic and taking very shallow breaths. Was also given intravenous lipid emulsion therapy to potentially help flush out toxins. Lilly was dry-docked overnight due to lethrgy and symptoms of red tide toxicity.

04/03/2023 Lilly finally passed her swim test today and is aware and active enough to be moved to a rehab. pool in very shallow water. 

04/05/2023  Lilly is still lethargic, but is doing well in shallow water. She is eating all seafood if it is held directly in front of her. 

04/08/2023 Lilly is now foraging for her full daily diet. The depth of her tank was raised a couple inches.

04/21/2023 Lilly is more active active now. She is no longer experiencing buoyancy/floating issues, so her tank depth is now half full. She continues to eagerly forage her full diet offered Because she is now eating well, she was switched from an injectable antibiotic to an oral antibiotic to minimize stress and handling.

05/04/2023  Lilly is now in deep water. She continues to eat well and is no longer on antibiotics.

05/16/2023 Lilly and Farmer were released at Lido Beach!