Patient Updates

08/03/2023 Turtle was found floating near the rocks on the south side of Venice Jetty. Eventually turtle was brought onboard police boat and transported to Mote for rehab. “Local” is covered in epibiota incating animal may have been having buoyancy issues for some time and experiencing signs of debilitated turtle syndrome. Blood work shows severe anemia.  Local was given subcutaneous fluids with calcium and is in a rehab. pool in very shallow water.

08/04/2023 Local ate immediately when offered seafood today.

08/05/2023 Local was given and iron injection due to anemia and subcutaneous fluids. She defecated today and there were crushed shells present.

08/10/2023 Local is much more active. The depth of her tank was raised a few inches to allow her to swim more. She continues to eat all prey offered and her diet is being slowly increased each day.  

09/02/2023 Local is very active. Spends much of the day swimming. Turtle is eating well but needs to gain weight.

09/23/2023 Local continues to eat well and improve. Due to anemia evident in blood work, turtle has been receiving weekly iron injections.

10/27/2023  Local’s blood work has improved, so weekly iron injections have been discontinued. He has gained over 15 lbs but is still considered underweight. Luckily he continues to eagerly eat all seafood offered.  

11/09/2023  Artemis and Local were released at Lido Beach today!