Patient Story

Odin is satellite tagged and can be tracked on our website (

Patient Updates

06/12/2023 Turtle was found floating 50 yards from shore off Gulf of Mexico Dr. on Longboat Key, Sarasota County.  He had blood work done and was given subcutaneous fluids. “Odin” is dry-docked overnight due to extreme lethargy. May be exhibiting mild signs of red tide toxicity, but red tide levels reported in the Gulf of Mexico are relatively low.  

06/13/2023 Odin passed his swim test today and is now in a rehab. tank in shallow water so he doesn’t have to struggle to lift his head to breathe.

06/18/2023 Odin ate for the first time since being admitted today!

06/24/2023 Odin is slightly more active and the level of his tank has been raised to half full. He is foraging all prey items offered. His diet is being increased slowly each day.

07/01/2023  The depth of Odin’s tank was raised to full. He is much more active and is eagerly foraging his full seafood diet daily.

07/07/2023 Odin continues to do well. Her is eating well and gaining weight. He did have some live worms present in his feces, so he is being treated with an anti-parasitic. 

07/15/2023 Odin continues to improve. He is actively swimming and eating his full diet.

07/22/2023 Odin is still eating well and is starting to gain weight.

08/01/2023 Odin was released at Lido Beach today!