Patient Story

Number of Days of Care: 112

Patient Updates

November 25-30th  Turtles stranded in Cape Cod as part of a cold stun event when temperatures dropped. They were triaged and slowly warmed back up at New England Aquarium. All turtles were started on subcutaneous fluids, vitamin injections, and injectable antibiotics.  

12/05/2023  Turtles were transported to Florida by a volunteer pilot coordinated by Turtles Fly Too. Fourteen of the Kemp’s were transported to Mote where they were examined, weighed, had blood work done, and were situated in rehab. pools in shallow water.  

12/16/2023  All turtles have eaten at least a small amount of capelin, shrimp, or squid since arriving at Mote. They are still receiving injectable antibiotics every couple days and are starting to actively swim more often.

12/30/2023  All tanks with cold stun turtles have been raised to full water depth, as the animals have become much stronger and more active. Most of the turtles are continuing to forage for all prey items offered and continue to receive injectable antibiotics to help treat any pneumonia.  

01/13/2024 Blood work shows an improved white blood cell count and radiographs show improvement in signs of pneumonia, so antibiotics were discontinued. All turtles are eating well and gaining weight.

02/10/2024  Turtle is very active and continues to eat all seafood offered. Oshkosh is now on an oral antibiotic daily due to persistent signs of pneumonia in radiographs.