Patient Updates

03/28/2023 Turtle was found washed ashore on Captiva in Lee County lethargic with suspect red tide toxicity. Steve was dry-docked overnight due to lethargy and symptoms of red tide toxicity.
03/29/2023 Steve was started on injectable antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids until red tide toxicty symptoms improve. Turtle is still extremely lethargic and taking very shallow breaths. Was also given intravenous lipid emulsion therapy to potentially help flush out toxins.
04/02/2023 Steve was finally aware and active enough to be moved to a rehab. pool in very shallow water. 
04/05/2023 Steve continues to be more alert and active daily. He continues to show no interest in food and is actively avoiding all prey items offered, even blue crab!
04/08/2023 Steve is much more active and his tank depth was raised to almost full. He started eating squid yesterday if it was put in his mouth with feeding tongs.
04/21/2023 Steve is very active now. His tank depth is increased to full. He will forage shrimp and squid off the bottom of the tank at times. Because he his now eating more consistently, he was switched from an injectable antibiotic to an oral antibiotic to minimize stress and handling.
05/04/2023 Steve continues to eat better than he did initially. His favorite prey item is squid.  
05/20/2023  Steve’s blood parameters are continuing to improve. Antibiotics have been discontinued. Steve is eating more consistently, but will only eat squid.
06/01/2023 Steve was released at Lido Beach today! Prior to release, he was outfitted with a satellite tag. His journey can be tracked through Mote’s website using the link