Gallery at a Glance

Here is a glimpse of what visitors can experience in the Oh Baby! exhibit gallery.

  • A shark touch pool with 9- to 12-inch sharks of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Baby marine animals or adults that reproduce, mature and care for their offspring in fascinating ways.
  • A family-friendly look at marine animal courtship behaviors. (Moms and dads, please don’t try these at home!
  • Species of seahorses, pipefish, garden eels and jellyfish that have never before been displayed at Mote.
  • “Who Wants to Be a Sea Star?” — a multi-player, reality TV-style science quiz specially designed for this exhibit — along with many other hands-on elements.
  • A window into the mission of Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium—where we raise and breed many marine species for ecosystem restoration, conservation and education. Understanding marine animal life cycles — including how and where they mate and give birth — is vital for conserving populations of keystone marine species and their future generations.