Partner with Mote all school year! Our school partnership program includes lessons, activities, labs, and field trips specific to each grade level, all aligned with Florida’s Sunshine State Standards. This allows for students to grow with our program, building upon their understanding of our coral reef ecosystem and scientific skill set year by year. Partnerships can be customized to include both Classroom and Field Trip components, or just one of the two. The school partnership program may be renewed yearly.

Classroom Programs:

  • 40-60 minute sessions
  • Each lesson is tailored to one specific grade level, that way students will not repeat lessons throughout their academic career
  • Each lesson includes a presentation and one or more hands-on activities
  • Available in-person or virtually (through a live connection and activity supply kit delivered to your school.
  • All lessons are aligned with Florida Sunshine State Standards

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Field Trips

  • Prices vary per field trip option
  • A 1:6 ratio is required for chaperones to students
  • Activities for each grade are recommended but can be adjusted 
  • Examples of available field trips include kayaking local mangrove habitats, snorkel trips to coral reef sites while conducting a citizen science project, and conducting field surveys of coastal habitats.

Learn more about our Field Trips Program

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