Let us bring the science to you!

For schools looking to book an outreach program, please visit our Mote in Your Classroom page.

Virtual Tour - Mote SEA Trek

If you have a computer, internet connection and a webcam, we can connect to you. Our virtual tours are live, two-way, interactive experiences between your group and our laboratory in Florida. We connect your audience to our STEM subject matter experts and engage their curiosity with science demonstrations and lively animal encounters. We can see and hear your learners and they can see and hear us via private, safe, interactive videoconferencing connections.

Visit our Virtual Learning Page for more information and to schedule your program. 

Guest Speakers - Science Talks

Mote's professional Educators will come to you and share a multimedia presentation on the marine science topic of your choice. Science Talks feature Mote's research programs locally and around the world. Educators will bring props and biofacts to enhance the presentation and hands-on activities can be included by request. Science Talks can be scheduled for audiences of all ages from pre-K to grey! You pick the date, time and topic and we bring the science to you!

Fee: $180 per Talk

  • Discounts are available for multiple program bookings
  • Mileage is not included in the above fee and is billed to your organization at a rate of $0.625/mile (roundtrip from Mote to your location)

Topics include:

  • Aquaculture
  • Coral Reefs
  • Harmful Algal Blooms (red tide)
  • Invertebrates
  • Marine Careers
  • Marine Mammals
  • Ocean Technology
  • Sea Turtles
  • Sharks & Rays


Booth Display - Exploration Stations

Add some science and excitement to your next event with our engaging Exploration Stations! Mote Educators and Volunteers will provide interpretive facilitation as your participants explore real biofacts and science simulations. Perfect for family days, fairs, STEM nights, festivals and more! 

Choose from 6 different station themes: 

  • Mammal Mysteries
  • Radical Reefs
  • Shark Science
  • Spineless Sea 
  • Totally Turtles
  • Wild Watersheds

Fees and Options: 

  • 2 Exploration Stations - $180 per hour 
  • 3 Exploration Stations - $200 per hour 
  • 4 Exploration Stations - $220 per hour 

Note: Stations must be booked for a minimum of 2 hours, and can be booked for up to the maximum of 8 hours. Mileage is not included in the above fee and is billed to your organization at a rate of $0.625/mile (roundtrip from Mote to your location). 


Mote Outreach Cancellation and Other Policies

Questions? Please reach out to educate@mote.org or 941.388.4441 x229.

A group of adults are gathered around a dissection of a lionfish.
A group of young children are interacting at a table with assorted marine science display and interactive materials.
A group of adults are seated as someone is giving a lecture.