Mote Day Camp

Multiple Dates

Thanksgiving Break Day Camps

Monday, November 20th - Goby Gobblers 

Discover the fascinating world of fish in our aquarium and in our bay! Campers will learn about the world of predators and prey through hands-on activities and exploration of our island. Join us for this festive camp and get ready for an exciting experience. This camp includes dip netting in the bay. 

Tuesday, November 21st - Bounty of the Bay

We are so thankful for the natural riches of Sarasota Bay and we want to share the bay with our campers! Campers will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of the bay, engage in educational STEM activities, and learn the importance of preserving our environment. This camp includes dip netting in the bay. 

Wednesday, November 22nd - Thankful Turtles 

Campers will embark on an adventure at Mote to learn about turtles and their world. Through engaging activities, animal encounters, and field explorations, campers will gain a deeper appreciation for our bay. This camp includes dip netting in the bay. 

Winter Break Day Camps

Tuesday, December 26th - Rockin’ Around the Coral Tree

Dive into the vibrant world of coral reefs, aquatic life, and island ecosystems with this camp. Campers will embark on a journey through our aquarium while learning about the importance of coral reef systems. Through hands-on activities and exploration, campers will have a rockin' good time! This camp does not include a water activity. 

Wednesday, December 27th - Jingle Shells on the Shores 

Explore the beach ecosystem and the shells we find on it! Campers will look at the different species that wash up on our shores and explore our bay. Join us as we dip net in Sarasota Bay and learn about our shoreline through STEM-based activities. 

Thursday, December 28th - Wanted: Abominable Snow Crab 

We are searching for campers to help us locate the elusive Abominable Snow Crab! Join us as we explore the fascinating world of crustaceans and learn all about their unique adaptations. As a camper, you'll have the opportunity to explore the mangroves and search for our local crabs, while participating in fun and interactive hands-on activities. This camp does not include a water activity. 

Friday, December 29th - Polar Plunge into the Ocean 

Get ready to leap into icy waters as we explore polar ecosystems and look at the animals that live in them. Discover what adaptations animals have to survive in some of the harshest conditions on the planet from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Plunge into STEM activities, explore the fascinating world of marine life, and dip net in the bay. 

Tuesday, January 2nd - Frosty Fish and the Icy Abyss

Journey deep into the icy realm of the Arctic seas and discover its cold-water inhabitants. Campers will immerse themselves in marine science activities and explore our aquarium in search of these frosty fish. Get ready to embark on an expedition to the deep, cold sea. This camp does not include a water activity. 

Wednesday, January 3rd - Let It Snow Beneath the Waves 

Have you ever wondered if it snows in the ocean? Well, at this camp, you'll get to find out! Through engaging and hands-on activities, you'll discover the answer to this question and much more. You'll also get the chance to explore the bay and discover the fascinating creatures that call it home. And, of course, you'll get to try your hand at dip netting in the bay!

Thursday, January 4th - Festive Flukes and Fins

Let's dive into the ocean and explore the fascinating world of dolphins and whales! Our campers will have the opportunity to learn about the unique adaptations of these incredible creatures through exciting STEM-based activities. In addition, they'll get to explore our fin-tastic aquarium and even get creative with a fun craft. So come on in, the water's fine! This camp does not include a water activity. 

Friday, January 5th - Ice Skates and Rays

Swim on into Sarasota Bay and search for our local skates and rays at Mote Day Camp. Campers will explore our aquarium, interact with our sting rays, and dip net in the bay. Through engaging activities and experiments, campers will learn about the difference between skates and rays. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience! 

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