People of all ages can learn how ocean life renews itself during marine-science exhibit “Oh Baby! Life Cycles of the Seas.”
This family-friendly, educational exhibit will invite visitors to discover ocean animal “romance” and reproduction, babies of many species and the survival challenges facing new generations of marine life. These topics are central to marine research around the globe, including the world-class science of Mote Marine Laboratory.
Mote raises and breeds many marine species — such as sport fish for ecosystem restoration and seahorses for conservation and education. Understanding marine animal life cycles — including how and where they mate and give birth — is vital for conserving populations of keystone marine species and their future generations.

Highlights of “Oh Baby!” include:

  • A baby shark pool with 9- to 12-inch sharks of the Pacific Ocean — species never before displayed at Mote. This display will help reveal the diversity of sharks and show a younger stage of their life cycle than many other aquarium exhibits.
  • Baby marine animals of multiple other species.
  • A family-friendly look at marine animal courtship behaviors. (Moms and dads, please don’t try these at home!)
  • Species of seahorses, pipefish, garden eels and jellyfish that have never before been displayed at Mote.
  • “Who Wants to Be a Sea Star?” — a multi-player, reality TV-style science quiz specially designed for this exhibit — along with many other hands-on elements. 

Who wants to be a Sea Star?

Mote's reality TV-style science quiz specially designed for this exhibit!