Have you ever dreamed of swimming with humpback whales, flying with dragons, or exploring an amazing sub-sea world and and the wildlife within it? Are you a master at solving mysteries, or a thrill seeker looking to go higher than any theme park dares to take you? Get ready to dive into a whole new world.

Come enjoy one of our eight epic adventures: virtual reality (VR) journeys featuring 360-degree views, sound and movement. 

The eight VR cinema experiences, brought to you by Immotion, include: 

  • Swimming with humpbacksExplore the waters of the Bahamas while searching for a female humpback whale and her newly born calf.
  • Shark Dive: Travel with us as we try to find Tiger Beach – a mythic underwater strip where some of the world’s largest sharks, including apex predator tiger sharks, are said to gather.
  • Legend of Lusca: Dive into an amazing sub-sea world and get close to creatures that inhabit its clear waters.
  • Delta zero: On the outer reaches of the galaxy, Base Zero has received a distress signal from its mining planet. No one knows why. Delta Squadron are sent on a mission to uncover the mystery and YOU are a key member of that team. 
  • Jinxed: Take a ghost train ride with JINX, in this master of mystery experience. Expect some thrills, jump scares and roller-coaster ups and downs. 
  • Dragon Island: Let Tilly take you on an enchanting flight around her magical home.
  • Snow Coaster: Twist and turn through a snowy mountain escape.
  • The Tower: Taking you higher than any theme park dares, this VR coaster brings you to the top of the tallest skyscraper and back down, in an intense, white-knuckle ride.

The VR experience, located in Mote's Exploration Gallery, is open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day and costs $6 per person per experience ($5 for Mote Members).