Coral Reef Ecosystems Internship

Internship Mentor: Ian Combs

The Coral Reef Ecosystem Internship will introduce interns to a variety of ecological and ecosystem level projects and concepts. The majority of our work asks questions revolving around how ecosystems and communities respond when manipulated by coral restoration. We answer these questions using various photogrammetric products with a heavy emphasis on data management, image processing, and various photogrammetric workflows for dense point cloud generation, 3D mesh generation, and 2D and 3D analysis using unique software packages such as Metashape, Viscore, MeshLab, and TagLab.

Interns should be highly motivated and interested in learning new software applications, broadscale ecological concepts, coral reef restoration, or a combination of all three. No prior experience in photogrammetry or Caribbean species identification is required.

This program is based at Mote’s Elizabeth Moore International Center for Coral Reef Research and Restoration in Summerland Key, FL. This internship does not include diving, although it may include some field work. Fieldwork is contingent upon a variety of factors including time of year, weather, and current projects so it is not guaranteed; however, interns have assisted with fieldwork in the past.

  • Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am – 5pm, with the possibility of long hours and weekends.
  • Housing: Interns are responsible for finding their own off-site housing.  Interns must also have their own transportation.