Environmental Laboratory for Forensics Internship

The Environmental Laboratory for Forensics (ELF) explores a range of organismal and environmental health issues. While the most fundamental research done in our lab is the quantification of environmental levels of organic contamination from petroleum, PCBs, flame retardants, pesticides and other industrial contaminants, we are also strongly engaged in developing novel techniques for understanding cause and effects of stressors on species, populations and overall environmental health.

Research interns in this program would be involved in large scale exposure studies of select marine organisms exposed to a suite of stressors resulting in targeted responses are compared with field collected samples to be able to elucidate pathways of adverse outcomes to the response. Interns assist staff scientists and chemists in study preparation, animal dissections, and laboratory tasks including chemical preparation, sample tracking, sample processing, chemical extractions, and sample analyses. Some work is conducted at Mote’s offsite aquaculture facility. Interns are responsible for transportation to and from Mote Aquaculture Park. College juniors, seniors, or recent graduates preferred.