Marine Biomedical Research & Marine Immunology Internship

Internship Mentor: Dr. Cathy Walsh

The Marine Biomedical Research Program is dedicated to using marine organisms as laboratory animal models in basic research. The ultimate goal is to use results from these studies to contribute to a better understanding of health problems in higher animals, including humans and/or to benefit the wild populations of the particular animal studied.

The Marine Immunology Program focuses on basic and applied immunological research of marine animals, ranging from cartilaginous fishes to marine mammals. Basic research efforts contribute to a better understanding of comparative vertebrate immune function as well as phylogenetic insights into human immunity, while applied studies provide unique information helpful in assessing the immune health of wild populations of marine animals, including marine mammals, exposed to a variety of environmental stressors. Interns assist staff scientists and biologists in laboratory-based research projects on immune function in sharks, skates, stingrays and other marine wildlife (e.g. manatees, dolphins). Other projects focus on the use of sharks and skates as sources for biomedically useful materials.

Interns participate in animal maintenance, laboratory preparation (e.g. chemical preparation), animal dissections and laboratory procedures including cell culture, immunoassays, gel electrophoresis and immunoblotting. College juniors, seniors or recent graduates with experience in biochemistry, immunology and molecular biology preferred.

This program accepts internship applications for fall, winter and spring only. This program takes REU interns in summer.