Marine & Freshwater Aquaculture Internship

Internships with the Marine & Freshwater Aquaculture Research Program focus on improving culture techniques for a variety of high-value marine and freshwater species while developing new, innovative and cost-effective technologies for land-based aquaculture systems. Presently, research is being conducted with corals as well as a variety of finfish including snook, pompano, red drum and sturgeon. We have also begun creating inland fisheries with catadromous fish species (e.g. common snook) stocked in inland ponds.

Program participants are involved in all aspects of applied aquaculture, including husbandry; live-food culture; nutrition; health management; construction and maintenance of recycle systems; and occasional field sampling. Field sampling activities may include quantified stratified sampling with seines, tagging and recapture of wild and hatchery-reared animals (e.g. with coded-wire tags, PIT tags, elastomers and genetic tags) and monitoring of water quality and various features of the habitats. Our research is primarily focused on snook, redfish and tarpon. Please note the majority of research activities are carried out at the Mote Aquaculture Park (MAP); a satellite site located in eastern Sarasota County, Florida, approximately 17 miles from the main laboratory. Interns must have their own transportation to/from this location since Sarasota’s public transportation system does not extend to the Park.

The following individuals may apply:

  • Undergraduate students currently enrolled in a full-time program that have completed a minimum of two years of college and are seeking a four-year degree.
  • Graduate students who have been accepted to or are currently enrolled in a graduate degree program.

Interns must enjoy working in a rural environment and not mind getting wet/dirty. This internship may require the physical ability to lift 50 lbs. to shoulder height, walk/work on uneven surfaces, bend and stoop for prolonged periods of time. Typical hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, with occasional long hours and weekends.