Coral Restoration URE (Summerland Key)

Internship Mentors: Ian Combs and Dr. Jason Spadaro

Mote’s Coral Reef Restoration Research Program focuses on large-scale propagation of corals in a land-based nursery to support ongoing research and restoration. Most of the work conducted by interns at the land-based coral culture facility involves daily coral husbandry (handling coral fragments to remove algae and other fouling organisms) and basic aquaculture maintenance duties (cleaning tanks and seawater systems). However, duties may also include hands-on propagation of corals using Mote’s “micro-fragmentation” technique, and assisting with experiments aimed at improving propagation methods. Depending on the time of year and the participants experience with prior fieldwork, participants may have the opportunity to assist staff with transplanting corals to restoration sites during out-planting efforts, or observe staff during monitoring of previously outplanted corals. Opportunities for fieldwork will be limited to snorkeling only.