About This Campus

To educate and involve visitors in the protection and conservation of coral reef ecosystems, Mote Marine Laboratory has teamed up with NOAA and their partners to create Mote’s Coral Research exhibit. Through interactive displays and hands-on learning, guests will gain an understanding of important efforts to preserve these fragile marine ecosystems. Guests will discover the challenges facing coral reefs—such as climate change, ocean acidification (OA), coral bleaching, disease and reproductive failure—and discover how marine science can help reefs recover.

Mote Marine Laboratory is dedicated to keeping our oceans healthy—because oceans support  life on Earth. Our scientists are spearheading coral restoration methods and research with a focus on Florida’s Coral Reef. Check out Mote’s Coral Research exhibit at the Eco-Discovery Center, part of the Dr. Nancy Foster Florida Keys Environmental Complex, to learn more about our efforts to restore these crucial ecosystems.