Mote intern turned lab manager shares coral science on Yahoo

Marina Villoch describes herself as "the intern that never left" in a new video from Yahoo In The Know, which explores her exciting career as lab manager for Mote Marine Laboratory's Coral Health & Disease Research Program.

Like many of the best and brightest Mote scientists, she turned her Mote internship into a career doing what she loves—contributing to novel research on coral health, genetics, restoration and resiliency that will benefit Mote's restoration of essential, imperiled coral reef ecosystems.

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Watch the video

Watch the video interview with Villoch on Yahoo In The Know:

Villoch, originally from Spain, earned her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Biotechnology from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2019, and she is already making a tangible impact on the future of coral reefs. For example, check out this new, peer-reviewed scientific publication co-authored by Villoch and other Mote scientists, including two other former Mote interns: the paper's first author, Mote Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Sara Williams, and Nova Southeastern University co-author Samara Zinman.

Williams SD, Klinges JG, Zinman S, Clark AS, Bartels E, Villoch Diaz Maurino M, Muller EM (2022). Geographically driven differences in microbiomes of Acropora cervicornis originating from different regions of Florida’s Coral Reef. PeerJ. 10:e13574