Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium is excited to announce that Kathryn Gentile has recently joined the organization as a Communications Coordinator.

In her role, Gentile will spearhead Mote’s media communications by drafting press releases, coordinating media interviews, organizing public relations events, keeping in constant contact with members of the media, monitoring mentions of Mote in the news, as well as keeping Mote’s media contact list up to date.

Gentile will primarily focus on public relations efforts while Sean Stover, also a Communications Coordinator, will mainly focus on marketing and social media efforts, while occasionally working with members of the media.

***For all media inquiries please forward to Kathryn Gentile or Kaitlyn Fusco, Marketing & Public Relations Manager.

Mote Media Contacts:

Kathryn Gentile, Communications Coordinator

Kaitlyn Fusco, Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Originally enrolled at Johns Hopkins University, Gentile realized her passion for ocean protection and advocacy after her first three semesters. Subsequently, she left Johns Hopkins and relocated to Roatan, Honduras, where she attained the status of a PADI Divemaster.

In addition to leading dives and assisting with certifications, Gentile actively engaged in addressing the Pterois volitans (Lionfish) crisis. She conducted informational classes on the invasive species outbreak and local mitigation strategies. During her time in Roatan, Gentile also became familiar with coral gardening and volunteered to conduct monthly maintenance dives.

Shortly after, Gentile moved to the Philippines to work with the Institute for Marine Research as a research assistant based in Dauin. In this role, she contributed to data collection, exploring the impact of benthic composition on fish and invertebrate communities, documenting natural and human-induced disturbances to raise awareness of potential reef threats, and studying the influence of temperature, pH, and current on the seasonal and annual variability of coral and fish populations. She used photogrammetry techniques, including Stereo Video System (SVS) and 3D Modeling, to track fine-scale changes in the overall reef community over time. Apart from benthic research, Gentile also led efforts to address the Acanthaster planci (Crown-of-Thorns Starfish) outbreak within the local community. 

While in the Philippines, Gentile earned the certification as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. She worked at Atmosphere Resort and Spa, educating and certifying students as PADI divers of varying degrees. 

Through her experiences abroad, Gentile realized that the most meaningful aspect of her work was transferring and translating the importance of our oceans and marine research and conservation to the general public.. Upon returning to the United States, Gentile transferred to George Washington University and declared a major in Communication. She was enthusiastic about finding a platform to promote marine conservation on a broader scale. Gentile focused her studies on science-based communication highlighting the importance of the conservation and sustainable use of our oceans. Toward the end of her degree, she took on the role as the Social Media and Marketing Manager for the George Washington University Organizational Sciences and Communication Department. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Sustainability in December of 2023.