Mote Marine Laboratory’s 2020 Ocean Fest: A Community Celebration

Underwater and outdoor enthusiasts, ecotravelers and families are encouraged to celebrate the marine environment at Mote Marine Laboratory's annual event, Mote’s Ocean Fest: A Community Celebration. Proceeds and donations from the festival support Mote’s coral reef restoration and research programs.

Mote’s Ocean Fest has been said to be one of the best events in the Keys for all ages.

Join us for a day of fun, crafts, games, music, food and shopping as we showcase our treasured marine environment while raising money for coral reef research and restoration. Mote’s Ocean Fest: A Community Celebration attendees can explore conservation and environmental exhibits, meet live animals and experience touch tanks, view and purchase wares from local marine artists and vendors, enjoy music and try their skill at active amusements. Meet Mote scientists along with other conservation and environmental organizations from around Florida to learn about the work they are doing and how you can help.

Vendor Info

During each Ocean Fest celebration, vendors will be selling food, homemade crafts, art, jewelry and other merchandise, as well as offering fun children's activities.

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The two elements that have made Mote a world-renowned entity capable of bringing meaningful change to the oceans are our research and the scientists conducting it every day. We have partnered with like-minded organizations to raise public awareness of the work we do and how we can work together to help further our mission: The advancement of marine and environmental sciences through scientific research, education and public outreach leading to new discoveries, revitalization and sustainability of our oceans and greater public understanding of our marine resources.

Event Information

March 2020 Ocean Fest has been postponed to protect public health. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, Florida residents can support coral reef research, restoration and education by purchasing the Protect Our Reefs License Plate, and you can support Mote's diverse research and education efforts at:

Thank you to our 2020 Key West Ocean Fest Sponsors and Partners

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Do you have questions about Ocean Fest: A Community Celebration? Do you want to know how you can sponsor or partner with Mote for the event? Are you interested in volunteering your time? Please contact us!

Event Operations
Haley Burleson

How You're Helping

Ocean Fest: A Community Celebration is an annual outreach event that takes place in the Florida Keys to raise awareness of the work Mote Marine Laboratory is doing for coral reef research & restoration, and its more than a dozen other research programs, along with the work of likeminded partner environmental organizations. The funds raised through Ocean Fest: A Community Celebration go directly to help fund coral reef research & restoration programs.

By attending Ocean Fest: A Community Celebration, you are already taking a step toward understanding the commitment it takes to positively affect the world around us – both on land and sea. We ask that you take the time to share this information with your friends, family, and loved ones so we all may inspire those around us and generations to come.

For each Protect Our Reefs license plate sold, Mote’s Protect Our Reefs program receives a direct $25 donation. This donation funding goes straight to the restoration and research of our coral reefs so the more plates that are sold, the faster we can restore our coral reefs.

If you would like to take the next step in your commitment, please consider further involvement with Mote through any of the following:

If you don’t live in the state of Florida and cannot attend Ocean Fest: A Community Celebration but want to support coral research and restoration, click the orange GIVE NOW button at the top of the page to donate!

Discover Mote's coral reef research and restoration in the Florida Keys!