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Join us for our "Coffee With A Scientist" series, a free public event in Boca Grande hosted by Mote Marine Laboratory. Hear from Mote's scientists as they share with you the latest in their groundbreaking research and their plans for the future with a Q&A session to follow. For those not able to join us in person, please join us virtually.



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April 18, 2023 at 10 a.m.

Dr. Jim Locascio

The good, the bad and the noisy - How studying the sounds of marine ecosystems reflects the health of our oceans, bays and waterways

Mote's Fisheries Habitat Ecology & Acoustics program uses acoustic recordings to understand the location, timing and behavior of marine organisms. Our goal is to develop improved methods of processing large volumes of acoustic data in conjunction with environmental data to improve the way coastal fisheries and ecosystems are managed and conserved. Join us and hear the latest findings and exciting plans for the future of these acoustic projects including goliath grouper conservation and management projects.





Thank you to those who joined us January 10, 2023 at 10 a.m. to hear from Dr. Jason Spadaro!
Rising to the challenge of coral reef restoration

Coral reefs are in trouble. Mote Marine Laboratory is not just a pioneer in coral reef restoration science, but a pillar of the coral restoration community. Mote scientists actively propagate and restore corals to degraded reef structures and select the most resilient and robust corals with the goal of creating a strong and resilient community of restored corals. Recently, Mote has also invested in the restoration of critical ecosystem functions, such as grazing. Mote scientists are engaged in the aquaculture of a large crab species that consumes many of the algae that otherwise would compete with corals for space on the reef. Tying all of these intricate and complex components together is nothing short of challenging. However, Mote scientists are more than up to the challenge with cutting-edge science guiding the way.

Thank you to those who joined us February 14, 2023 at 10 a.m to hear from Dr. Emily Hall & Jim Culter!
Diving deep to explore the Gulf of Mexico blue holes

Mote Scientists embark on journeys to the “deep” to explore blue holes. Blue holes are underwater sinkholes, similar to sinkholes on land. Underwater sinkholes, springs, and caverns are karst (calcium carbonate rock) features that are scattered across Florida’s shelf floor. They vary in size, shape and depth, but most are ecological hot spots. A blue hole can be an oasis in an otherwise barren seafloor.  Please join Dr. Emily Hall and Jim Culter as they take you with them on a journey and explore these beautiful and mystery-filled holes in our own Gulf of Mexico!


Thank you to those who joined us March 21, 2023 at 10 a.m. to hear from Dr. Beth Brady!
What does the manatee say? Manatee vocalizations in Florida & beyond

Did you know manatees vocalize? Manatees produce a variety of sounds, but what do they mean and how do they use them when they are interacting with other manatees? Do manatees around the world vocalize differently than Florida manatees?  Join us and find out!



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