Helping stranded sea life and addressing ocean emergencies is a full-time job.

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A bottlenose dolphin rescued on Oct. 31, 2018, and nicknamed “Salem” is receiving critical care in Jane’s Refuge: The Hospital for Dolphins and Whales at Mote Marine Laboratory. We are working day and night to understand and treat Salem’s condition, including sampling to test her for exposure to Florida red tide.

Critical care for just one dolphin costs thousands of dollars per day. At the same time, Mote as a whole is responding to multiple ecological challenges, including the serious impacts of the ongoing Florida red tide bloom to sea turtles and marine mammals. While emergency government funding has aided these efforts substantially, it cannot close the gap facing Mote as a nonprofit.

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This year, Mote scientists have: Responded to hundreds of sea turtles and dozens of dolphins found deceased amid the Florida red tide, been federally designated as On-Site Coordinator for the investigation of a bottlenose dolphin Unusual Mortality Event in southwest Florida, collected hundreds of samples to monitor and study the red tide bloom, while actively advancing research on red tide mitigation technologies, and more.

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