Big questions about ‘baby’ fish

Today we meet Dr. Lee Fuiman, who investigates how fish "make a living" during the early parts of their lives. He is especially interested in how the diets of adult fish can influence their babies, or larvae. Dr. Fuiman was recently selected as the new William R. and Lenore Mote Eminent Scholar Chair in Fisheries Ecology and Enhancement, an award from Florida State University and Mote that will support his collaboration with Mote scientists studying sportfishes and aquaculture (fish farming). Dr. Fuiman, Director of the Fisheries and Mariculture Laboratory at the Marine Science Institute of the University of Texas (UT) at Austin, will spend four of the next six months based at Mote’s Sarasota County campuses, exchanging knowledge related to his focus on larval fish ecology and physiological ecology. His research includes a focus on improving fisheries stock enhancement efforts - a goal near and dear to Mote scientists. Mote's "Two Sea Fans" hosts Hayley and Joe were delighted to learn that Dr. Fuiman produces the podcast and radio production "Science And The Sea," whose recent episode "Changing Eggs" highlights a redfish study Dr. Fuiman discussed here on "Two Sea Fans."

Read the Jan. 22, 2019, news release about Dr. Fuiman's work with Mote.